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Naturally Kultured by KULTURED HUB is an educative brand that gives a scientific view on natural cosmetics, botanical actives and their effectiveness when topically applied.

Our products were formulated with the purpose to combat premature ageing signs while keeping a minimalistic skincare ritual for women with a hectic lifestyle, because YES, premature ageing (or extrinsic ageing) is reversible and most importantly, can be prevented.

We’ve opted for organic ingredients, ethically sourced, out of respect and care for your skin, our community and the environment. Our choice of botanical actives are an equally effective alternative to conventional ones and Naturally Kultured products are here to prove it.

So, let’s get KULTURED… Naturally Kultured.


Naturally Kultured was born from a personal experience of having to deal with premature ageing signs in my 30s due to a hectic daily schedule mixed with an increased desire to shift to cleaner, healthier self-care routines.

As a Certified Organic Skincare Formulator and myself as a consumer, I’ve carefully chosen each and every ingredient and created formulas that not only feel, smell and look amazing, but give results.

Our products include high-performance natural actives and used together work wonders as a minimalistic skincare routine from AM to PM to get you through each day looking and feeling empowered and in control, so give it a try and join our tribe.


Much love,

Ramona Buzoianu