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Re-balance, one baby step at a time

      … extrinsic ageing is premature ageing caused by external factors like: stress, lack of sleep, smoking, diet, pollution, excessive sun exposure. Basically the skin becomes thinner, more sensitive and wrinkled. But guess what? While only 3% of skin ageing is genetic, leaving the remaining 97% to be extrinsic, caused by our lifestyle, there is still hope, as it can be reversed.
  Yeap, extrinsic ageing can be reversed. Maybe we cannot go 10-15yrs back in time, but I would be happy to reduce pores appearance, wrinkles, avoid breakouts and even my skin tone. There’s no miracle potion for it, it’s a process which involves re-balancing oneself mentally and physically…from better coping with emotions, drinking enough water, until choosing the best fit skincare products.
  I’m not saying it’s easy. A mindfulness coach would say that to break/develop a habit it takes 28 days … strangely, a cellular turnaround (skin renewal) takes 28days too. So any change you make today in your lifestyle you’ll have to do it for 4 full weeks in order to see it’s effects, which might sound a bit too much for busy, already exhausted people, so my solution to this are baby steps, doing my best each day.
  To make the process more fun and easy to cope with, creating small self care rituals every day, giving oneself 10-15 minutes of break from the already hectic life, can help.
  • Put your favorite music on and stretch your body in the morning
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing while emptying your mind for 15 minutes before starting work
  • Go jogging in the park in the evening (it might take 30-45 mins, but it will release your stress and activate your metabolism)
  • Take a bubble bath after a busy workday and put a sheet mask on
  • Cleanse your face and apply a serum while gently massaging your skin before going to bed
  Self care is directly linked to mental heath, don’t postpone your wellbeing by finding excuses as to why not to take a break each day. No matter where you are and what is your current situation you can find happiness in the small things and don’t forget that you’re not alone in this.

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