Personal notes

Take care of yourself first.

    Why prioritizing my wellbeing first? Because the lack of self love, self confidence and a general low self-esteem have a negative impact on the quality of the relationships with the close ones around me. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m feeling good about myself I tend to open up more and spread positive vibes. My barometer are my kids as there’s no one better suited to reflect my mood on a day to day basis: mommy is stressed, the kids are loud and grumpy; mommy is calm and relaxed, the kids are playing in joy and laughing.
It goes the same way in a love relationship. Whenever we feel good about ourselves we tend to break free of being emotionally dependent (the root of most relationships headaches). We know our worth and we face life (& love) with confidence.
Over the last couple of years, going into my 30s my physical and mental states have also gone through some changes. I’m gaining weight without any major change in my usual diet, I’m constantly tired and coffee dependent to boost my daily performance as my sleep quality is low and I’m dealing with anxiety due to stress more than ever before.
To sum it up, all these changes are most visible on my face. My skin is a roadmap of all I’ve gone through physically and emotionally. My wrinkles, my pores, my redness, my freckles and my dark circles have each a story to tell and whenever I’m looking in the mirror I’m reminded of each hardship and obstacle I’ve surpassed, but that’s the positive part of the story.
Getting my head out of the clouds and putting my feet back on the ground I’m using foundations, concealers and other makeup products to hide any skin imperfections. Why? I have to fill in the gaps because that’s not natural ageing and since there’s a mismatch caused by external factors between my real age and the biological age of my skin.
At least that’s what I thought it was the best way to deal with extrinsic ageing… (to follow)

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